Monday, March 3, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...

LOL, not this gal! Remember that song? I think Karen Carpenter sang it. Anyways, I love Mondays because I'm off work. I work four tens and including travel time I'm gone almost twelve hours a day. By the time I get home I have just enough time to eat, shower and get in a couple hours of TV. So is it any wonder I don't feel like doing anything else? Especially exercise! I appreciate my retired hubby being home to do laundry, cooking, and the grocery shopping. That leaves my three days off to play!

And ride my bike. I've asked him to blow up the tires so I can get in a little exercise on my days off. I haven't ridden in a couple years. The last time I decided to do some riding I was so out of shape that seventy-year-olds were passing me on the road! No kidding. But in time and the more I rode, I really enjoyed it. Course, I'll only go either early in the morning or late at night, when it's cooler one can see me:)

Okay, getting back to the song. I also love rain! It leaves everything so alive and green and healthy looking. I love the peaceful sound of it. Some in my family think I'm odd because I enjoy a good storm. Lots of lightning and thunder and driving rain. But let me make myself clear, I'm not talking hurricanes here. A few years ago when Florida was hit 4 times in a row, three of those wicked storms went right over my house. We were lucky though, and didn't suffer much damage.

Do rainy days and Mondays get you down?


margaret blake said...

I love that song by Karen Carpenter. Mondays don't bother me now I work for myself. It only bothered me when I had to get back to work!

I think soft rain can be beautiful and very romantic. You are right, everything is so fresh after a shower.

Have a nice day!


PS I am heading to Florida a week Tuesday, I am ordering lots of sunshine as we have hailstones now.

Kathleen said...

Enjoyed your blog and aren't we having gorgeous weather in Florida -- perfect for bike riding.

Debbie Wallace said...

You're coming to Florida? The weather isn't too bad right now. It would be great if we could meet up but I know how visiting families go. Your time with them goes by so fast.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can work for myself. Only 10more years to retirement!

Debbie Wallace said...

The weather is nice right now Kathy but unfortunately it's just a matter of time before the summer hits us full force. As a woman suffering hot flashes the added heat is wicked!

margaret blake said...

That must be horrid Debbie, I do sympathise having been there! In Florida it must be torture.

Funnily enough we call them "Hot flushes" Do you think flashes is more polite, perhaps?

Kathy I cannot ride a bike!!

Kind regards, Margaret.

Sarita Leone said...

I remember that song! It was a good one.

I love rain. And I love Mondays, too. What I don't love is bicycle riding, unless it's the stationary type, LOL. I'm too nervous about falling on my head to ride on the street. :)

You don't even want to get me started on hot flashes or flushes...I've got a couple of much-less-polite terms I'm using for them right about now! Yes, I am grinning as I write this!

Love this post.

Have fun visiting in Florida, Margaret. :)