Sunday, March 9, 2008

Publishing Process

I just saw, on my British publisher's website that my new novel "Breaking the Clouds" will be published on 3oth May. That a pre-warning that the book will be published is at the moment sitting on Amazon, and folks can ask to be notified when it is out.

It had me thinking about how publishers work and their different ways of doing things.WCP are very good with their editing process and you get lots of helpful advice. My British mainstream publisher is the same, very helpful, but was is different is that you get a "copy edited" version, which is fascinating. All these different squiggles and things that mean something to a printer. It is a language all of its own. Of course everything is done by snail mail, rather than e mail. It is rather exciting to see the Postman scurrying up the path with an important looking parcel.

When I was first published you did not see the cover until the book was actually published, now you get a chance to see the artists work before, which I think makes you feel more involved with the process. Whiskey Creek of course always does this, and you get to talk to the artist about how you see your cover, which is great fun.

How important is it do you think? After all the saying goes that you should not judge a book by its cover, but for myself, I think it is quite important, not as important as the first couple of lines on the first page, but in attracting the eye of the reader to pick up the book and actually read that first page, then a good cover is essential.

I know from chatting to readers that the whole publishing process is a mystery to many of them but it is one that I find interests people. It must for they always ask about it.

So, do I like my new cover? I love it...I am sure you will too.

Margaret B


Debbie Wallace said...

Margaret, I've looked all over and can't find your new book cover! Where is it? I'm anxious to see it.

margaret blake said...

Thereis no cover yet, it is just on the pre-order at Amazon by name only. Margaret