Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here we go again

Well the earth moved again! I think I told you all about the little 'quake we had some time ago. Tuesday I was at my computer and there was this awful shudder, doors and windows rattling and then a terrific booming sound. I rushed downstairs to find my husband in the dining room relaxing in his chair. "Did you feel that? Did the earth move for you?" Well the expression on his face made me wish I had a camera. Has this women with all these people in her head finally lost it? That is exactly what the expression said. He missed it! He was completely oblivous to the tremour.
Now things being as they are, perhaps it was only felt upstairs. I was in the study upstairs at the front of the house, perhaps it did not happen at the back. Last time he slept through the shuddering, ah well, perhaps that's no bad thing.

I put on the televison at lunch time to catch the local news and there it was. The centre of the 3.7 earthquake was in Cumbria, the county that borders us. But there had been no damage or signs of things collapsing.Thank goodness. It's not as if we are experiencing the horror that the poor people in Italy experienced a few weeks ago.

It was a strange feeling though. I was curious not frightened. I can tell you when I was frightened - on Saturday walking in Cumbria (Lake District) and on top of a fell when it suddenly started thunder and lightening. That was real scary.

Anyway, if anyone ever asks me "Has the earth ever moved for you?" I can quite honestly say, "absolutely -" and wink, wink say no more!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Margaret Tanner won a PDF copy of Men of Paradise. Thanks for stopping by.

Release Day

My novel Men of Paradise was released today by The Wild Rose Press. And it's the perfect time to turn off the evening news and read a romantic comedy.

Things should be peaceful in Paradise, Florida. Right? But not for Yuma Hawk, the new director of security at the gated community of Royal Breezes. He's fast falling in love with a woman who has enough secrets to sink a submarine and one of those secrets just may cost him his job. Roy, his worst enemy, has just blown into town and fallen -- literally and figuratively-- for Yuma's administrative assistant. That same assistant has just hired a guard with no skills because he slightly resembles George Clooney. Eric, the newbie, is a menace to the community and himself. Could things get any worse? Come to Paradise and find out.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day Late

I can't believe that Friday flew right past me, but it did. I woke this morning wondering how I'd lost a day. Please tell me that's happened to you, too.

With the warm, springtime breezes come new yard chores. Here on the farm we've been planting trees for the past few weeks. We're down to just seven left to plant, and I'm so glad! While I love tree planting time, it's a lot of work. The satisfaction of watching the trees grow is great,'s a lot of work.

Maybe I'm just responding to the way my knees ache this morning. Maybe tomorrow, when my wrists don't feel as if they've been attached to a shovel for days I'll look more favorably on those remaining trees.

A day of sitting on the back porch, reading and playing chess will do me some good. That's my hope, anyway.

Have you any plans for this gorgeous Saturday?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

23rd April

I am afraid there is not much of a blog today. Put it down to these hospital appointments that take up so much time these days.

However, I wanted to mention two things - today is Shakespeare's birthday, it is also the day on which he died. Spooky? Coincidental? A little of both perhaps.

As well as it being the great man's birthday it is St George's Day in England. Each of the countries that make up the British Isles and Ireland have patron saint days.
You will all know that the patron saint of Ireland is St Patrick - did you now he was British? St David is for Wales and St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

We haven't celebrated St George very much in England but now there is a movement to do so. In London the Mayor has organised all kinds of festivities which should be fun. John and I will be wearing red roses and we put up the George Cross flag, why not? In these days of doom and gloom and with a lousy Budget that the Government gave us yesterday (probably putting us into hock for a trillion years) it's time to lighten up.

So picture me, my flag waving on my car, off to the supermarket and preparing dinner before hitting the road for the hospital - sounds fun, doesn't it?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In the Mail

They are coming! I just received word that a hundred copies of my soon to be released novel, Men of Paradise, will soon be arriving at my door.

Wonderful news, of course, but I have no place to put them. Florida houses don't have basements and my closets are full. So today is a weeding out today, which is so hard. What if I need those twenty-year-old purses and shoes? What about those dozens of only once used gift bags?

Oh well,I'm getting tough and out they go. Today I begin my spring cleaning.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Release

Just came out on Wednesday at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Artist Lacey Owens comes home to her father’s ranch for a long over due visit, and a little R and R. She’s not prepared for becoming the means for revenge against her father, by an old enemy he helped send to prison. Getting involved with her father’s ranch foreman and partner Chase Saunders isn’t in her plans either. But as unexplained incidences occur and Lacey’s life becomes threatened, fate throws her and Chase together when he makes it his mission to protect her. Her independent nature rebels against his arrogant high handed methods and tempers ignite, but it soon becomes apparent that their animosity is only a ruse for the hunger stirring in their blood.

Also, check out my new Tory Richards website!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tree Day

Yes, it's finally springtime here in the country. The daffodils are blooming and the hyacinths are just beginning to really come into their glory. We have a bunch of hyacinths planted in one of the beds and the scent from those flowers is heavenly. I wish I could share it with you.
Today is Tree Day in our house, and we are very excited. Every year we plant trees on the property. We buy some small seedlings from the county every year, and today's the day they are ready for pick up. So this morning we'll head out and pick up our bundles of trees, stop for breakfast, and then bring the trees back here to their new home.
I'll be tired and dirty by dinnertime, but the digging and planting will keep me from having to hit the gym this weekend. I love planting trees, and watching them grow. I know we're doing our part to keep the planet healthy, as well as beautify our little corner of it.
I hope you've got pleasant plans for this day. Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Poisoned Legacy Review

I couldn't resist posting the review below for A Poisoned Legacy.A Poisoned Legacy is published by Robert Hale Limited and avialable from, many other outlets on line as well as book stores, and of course do not forget your local library.

5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies - Reviewer : Kimberley.

"A Poisoned Legacy is a must read! Mrs Blake had me from page one, I could not put the book down."

Full review can be read at

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meeting in the Middle

There are guy books and gal books but do Mars and Venus ever meet? I've been wondering about this since Monday when my husband and I had an unexpectedly long wait at a one-day surgery center. I offered him, the patient, my Nora Roberts book to read. It's a suspense, I told him. Maybe so but he would rather read a four-year-old Newsweek.

I kind of understand because I really don't want to read his WEB Griffin novels about World War II. Though I know they are historically accurate and fine books.

Is there anything we both read? Well, there's Michael Connelly and we both like him. Occasionally we both read P.D. James and Nelson DeMille but I can't think of much else. Any suggestions?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Friday, April 10, 2009


A funny thing happened at our house yesterday. Well, not so funny but not altogether catastrophic, either. Our dishwasher died. Yes, our three-year-old, hardly ever used dishwasher gave up the ghost. Prematurely, I think.

Of course, the darling appliance waited until after it was fully loaded to croak. So, I spent the morning washing dishes. Then, I went to the appliance store and checked the prices on new dishwashers. Then, when I regained my equilibrium and recovered from the sticker shock syndrome, I went to the grocery store and picked up enough paper to last a while.

I've got to admit, I can be stubborn. I don't want to plunk down a chunk of cash for a new appliance. I don't want to eat off paper plates for long, but I'm not keen on washing dishes, either. I also don't love the idea of a repairman in my kitchen.

So what's a woman to do, given the circumstances?

I called the manufacturer, asked to speak with a repair technician and, thanks to a kind man named Jim, learned enough about the machine to consider doing the repair myself. I ordered a service manual and the three parts that are most likely at the root of my dishwasher's demise.

The parts arrive Monday morning. I'll let you know how the saga ends. Who knows? I may have a second career in plumbing!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

From Peace to Mayhem

Yesterday I was out on one of our walks. It rained, it stopped raining, a weak sun trickled out, the wind rocked us, then it rained again. But nothing could stop us enjoying ourselves. We were walking a disused rail line that is now a walking path, in the beautiful Eden Valley. There is a magnificent viaduct that traverses this wonderful valley, where eagles swoop. I love this part of the world, as well as the quaint village of Kirkby Stephen where we end up. Diving into a cafe, we enjoyed tea and toast and felt glad to be alive.

Arriving home for the end of the news on t.v. I heard that there had been a police swoop in Manchester, Liverpool and our own lovely Lancashire, on suspected terrorists, who apparently were planning mayhem somewhere soon.

Talk about contrast. Up there by the Eden Valley you could forget all about the horror in this world of ours. What a pity we had to come back to it with a crash.

That has happened to us before. We were out walking in the Welsh hills and came back oblivious to the seige taking place, some years ago now, at the Iranian Embassy in London.

No wonder people become hermits - how wonderful to be able to escape the terrible things in this world...but for how long, I wonder can one actually escape.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For the Birds

When we first moved into our home, I noticed an ugly, wrought iron bird bath outside our bedroom window. I planned to put in the trash but it was incredibly heavy. So I waited and then it rained. Birds flocked to that bird bath to drink, bath and socialize.

So we bought a wire brush and cleaned it as best we could. We also change the water every few days. Dozens of birds come every day. I love to watch the mockingbird skid in for a crash landing and then happily splash away. At night two doves sit on the rim of the bird bath with just their tales dipped into the water. They look as if they are watching the sunset.

My husband and I now realize that bird bath is sometimes the only safe water source those birds have. So I've learned my lesson. When I'm thinking about throwing something out, I wait a bit -- just in case.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Woofy, Gin Gin and Jezebel

Don't they look like little angels? Once in a while we blog about our beloved pets so I thought it was time to share a great picture of mine. Sorry if I've posted this here before but they demand their 15 minutes of fame:)

Hubby and I are lucky that they get a long so well. Gin Gin is kind of a loner but sometimes she has no choice but to put up with Woofy and Jezebel when they join her on the bed for a nap. She treats them with aloof, much like she does us most of the time.

They're all good kitties, though. Even when things disappear, or one of them wakes me by plopping down on my chest. I've woken with Jezebel's little black nose against mine, I swear she's trying to steal my air!

That's an old wive's tale, isn't it?

Friday, April 3, 2009


I've spent most of today trying to think of something to blog about. Actually when I woke this morning I was sure of my topic. Excited about it. Eager to share my thoughts, ideas and even a photo with you. But when I sat down to write, I did what I often do when I sit here. I clicked on the television set beside my desk. And when the news came on, all thoughts flew from my head.

A huge part of me wishes I could turn back time, to go back to the moment before I tuned into CNN.

Today's top story concerns a shooting spree at a location not too terribly far from our home. It's a good distance, but we often go to that town to shop, have dinner, meet friends or see a show. I'm heartsick by the whole thing. The news is still unfolding but as the hours pass it's clear that this day, which dawned so bright and full of light and promise, has turned tragic in one upstate New York town.

So senseless, and so sad.

I hope the news in your town today is happier than the news here. Sorry to be so glum but it's impossible to think of much else at this point.

Hoping you have a pleasant weekend planned.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Novel

I know this is a blogspot for Whiskey Creek authors, but sometimes Whiskey Creek Authors publish elsewhere. I hope you will indulge me for promoting my latest novel.
Bitter Betrayal was published yesterday at Wings so I thought I would show you the cover and the blurb!

"Michael cannot forgive his humiliation and the pain of Charley's betrayal. However, Charley believes Michael betrayed her! Drawn togther by circumstances and business, Michael devises a plan to pay Charley back for breaking his heart...and Charley cannot resist the temptation to accept the challenge he offers."