Friday, April 3, 2009


I've spent most of today trying to think of something to blog about. Actually when I woke this morning I was sure of my topic. Excited about it. Eager to share my thoughts, ideas and even a photo with you. But when I sat down to write, I did what I often do when I sit here. I clicked on the television set beside my desk. And when the news came on, all thoughts flew from my head.

A huge part of me wishes I could turn back time, to go back to the moment before I tuned into CNN.

Today's top story concerns a shooting spree at a location not too terribly far from our home. It's a good distance, but we often go to that town to shop, have dinner, meet friends or see a show. I'm heartsick by the whole thing. The news is still unfolding but as the hours pass it's clear that this day, which dawned so bright and full of light and promise, has turned tragic in one upstate New York town.

So senseless, and so sad.

I hope the news in your town today is happier than the news here. Sorry to be so glum but it's impossible to think of much else at this point.

Hoping you have a pleasant weekend planned.


Kathleen said...

It seems a terrible, senseless tragedy.

margaret blake said...

It is a senseless tragedy, Sarita, and as you say especially when people set out with such great hope.

I wish I understood why people are driven to do such terrible things but I always fail.