Friday, April 17, 2009

Tree Day

Yes, it's finally springtime here in the country. The daffodils are blooming and the hyacinths are just beginning to really come into their glory. We have a bunch of hyacinths planted in one of the beds and the scent from those flowers is heavenly. I wish I could share it with you.
Today is Tree Day in our house, and we are very excited. Every year we plant trees on the property. We buy some small seedlings from the county every year, and today's the day they are ready for pick up. So this morning we'll head out and pick up our bundles of trees, stop for breakfast, and then bring the trees back here to their new home.
I'll be tired and dirty by dinnertime, but the digging and planting will keep me from having to hit the gym this weekend. I love planting trees, and watching them grow. I know we're doing our part to keep the planet healthy, as well as beautify our little corner of it.
I hope you've got pleasant plans for this day. Happy Friday!


margaret blake said...

How lovely for you. Our daffs are just finishing, as are the hyacynths, I see they have summer planting at the market but too early to chance that. May yet get some frost!

I love the idea of your yearly tree planting, really wonderful.

Tory Richards said...

What beautiful flowers! I love flowers:)


Kathleen said...

What a lovely way to celebrate spring.