Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day Late

I can't believe that Friday flew right past me, but it did. I woke this morning wondering how I'd lost a day. Please tell me that's happened to you, too.

With the warm, springtime breezes come new yard chores. Here on the farm we've been planting trees for the past few weeks. We're down to just seven left to plant, and I'm so glad! While I love tree planting time, it's a lot of work. The satisfaction of watching the trees grow is great,'s a lot of work.

Maybe I'm just responding to the way my knees ache this morning. Maybe tomorrow, when my wrists don't feel as if they've been attached to a shovel for days I'll look more favorably on those remaining trees.

A day of sitting on the back porch, reading and playing chess will do me some good. That's my hope, anyway.

Have you any plans for this gorgeous Saturday?


Kathleen said...

It's gorgeous in Florida too but it's hot and we're in too big a drought to plant so envy you the spring weather. Take a break and enjoy.

Sue W. said...

And we're on the other side of the world where it is getting chilly so I envy you your spring planting. I hope you had a fab day relaxing. Hugs.

margaret blake said...

Sorry I am late responding. Saturday saw me walking in the Lakes. When we got to the top of the fells it started thunder and lightening. Scary!

Love the sound of life on the farm, you work so hard but you seem to be really happy.