Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's in a Name?

My contemporary romantic suspense "The Longest Pleasure" is published now in print and e-book form. It had me musing about the hero and heroine. The heroine is the more intriguing as she starts off as Olivia and becomes Viola. Top marks for getting that I stole those names from one of my favourite Shakespearean plays "Twelfth Night" I love both women in that play, especially Viola who has to make a new life for herself. Not only that but she disguises herself as a boy too, making for a lot of confusion and fun. Viola in my novel has to make a new life for herself too. Originally she called herself Olivia because the Police had advised her that if she changes her name, change it to something that is familiar to her. It had me thinking about names and why we choose them. The late actress Beryl Reid always said she could not get into a character until she found the right shoes. I can sympathize with that. I can't write a word until I have the names of my main characters. Olivia/Viola was easy but my male character was a little more problematical.I wanted a manly name but something short and memorable too. I don't know where the name Jed came from. Is it short for Jedadiah? Who knows? I never have to get into that.Jud I know is short for George but what could Jed's full name be? The first correct answer can obtain an e-book copy of the novel. In the main I do like old fashioned names. I have a Saul and an Edward, and also Jesse. I am particularly fond of Jesse from A Poisoned Legacy, and similarly Saul from His Other Wife. Oh be truthful girl, I am fond of all my heroes, that's what they are heroes. Also I am fond of rather old fashioned names for my gals too. Girls like Belinda, Flora, Roxanne and Charlotte. It might be fun to try and match the names to the books - a visit to either or will give you the answer. Happy reading!