Thursday, August 15, 2013

My latest novel Under a Grecian Moon, was published last week. This is a traditional romance - and don't you just love the cover - telling the story of Lander Drakos and Evie, two lovers who were parted in very sad circumstances. They meet again only they are haunted by what happened in the past and of course there is a child, Helena, who must be protected at all costs.

I had a very nice interview in the local paper. The journalist who is super, always puts my age, he must keep accurate records because he always gets it right and moves the years on! It had me wondering, how do readers feel about a writer's age, does it put them off reading the novel?
If they are a nineteen something would they think they do not want to read anything by someone who is 60 plus, and vice-versa does a 50 year old think they will pass on a book by a l7 year old?
It could be it happens. What do you think?

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