Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome to John Lindermuth

One of Whiskey Creek Press's proflific authors, John Lindermuth, has dropped by today to tell us about "Being Somone Else"his new fantastic thriller. I have read this book and was on the edge of my seat! John has written many books, historical
and thrillers. A one time journalist, you can be sure his style is well honed. Enjoy!


Some believe violence is foreign to our nature. Dan ‘Sticks’ Hetrick, retired chief and consultant to the Swatara Creek police department, knows better. We put a lid on our natural tendency to violence when we started living in groups, devising moral codes to hold it in check and allow us to live in harmony with others. But, deep down in the id, there’s always that tendency to violence.

When an out-of-state reporter is found murdered at a disreputable bar the tendency to violence spirals in the rural Pennsylvania community, and the investigative trail keeps bringing Hetrick and his team back to the family of a wealthy doctor who has retired to his hometown.

Hetrick and his protégé Officer Flora Vastine are joined by a friend from his State Police days as they unravel old secrets and mysteries in a tale with as many shocking twists as a country road.


“The complex mystery elements of the plot here are layered in nicely and then brought to a satisfactory conclusion. But, as always, the real treat in reading this series is Lindermuth's use of locale and the colorful cast of characters --- each given distinct and memorable features, even when they are only "on stage" a brief amount of time. Anchoring all of this, of course, is the cast of recurring characters we have been introduced to in the previous books.” Wayne D. Dundee, author of the Joe Hannibal mysteries

“This is Lindermuth's fourth Daniel "Sticks" Hetrick mystery/crime novel and the best one yet. As I have, you will become emotionally involved with Lindermuth's ensemble cast who, over the course of these "Sticks" Hetrick novels, have become like an extended family for the reader.” Douglas Quinn, author of The Webb Sawyer Mysteries, The Ellis Family Thrillers, Cornelius The Orphan (Historical Fiction/Adventure), and s Children's Chapter Book Mystery Series.

“This Swatara Creek story has an intricate plot that makes for eager reading to get it figured out. Although it is part of the "Sticks" series, Hetrick didn't play as much a part in solving this mystery as I would have liked, but the complimentary characters of detective Flora Vastine and police chief Aaron Brubaker were compelling.” Kae Cheatham, author, speaker, photographer

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Being Someone Else (July 2010), Whiskey Creek Press

Watch The Hour (April 2009), Whiskey Creek Press

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Fatal Flaw - Reviews

Hi I thought I would share a couple of reviews of my romantic suspense A Fatal Flaw. Happy reading!

A FATAL FLAW reached out and grabbed me from the first page and kept me interested
with its twists and turns. Suspense is the name of the game in this mystery and
this tale is fraught with unanswered questions and possibilities. Kerensa is a woman with spunk if not a little innocence, her sheltered life and trusting attitude is a definite change. Ned is everything you expect in a hero, strong yet sensitive and of course smoking hot. The mystery is the main focus of the story but there is also the added bonus of the slow growing romance between Kerensa and Ned. I truly enjoyed this story and didn’t stop reading until I finished it. Applause goes to Margaret Blake on creating a story with interesting characters and an enthralling plot. Angela - Romance Junkies

Kerensa Mawgan's mother dies after a long battle with cancer leaving in her daughter's hands a secret that has been hidden since before she was born. She travels from Cornwall to the USA to try to unravel the mystery of her birth and the death of the man who may have been her father. Ned Rochester has been injured in the line of duty as a policeman and has time on his hands. What better way to fill it than to do what he does best, solve a possible crime?
Margaret Blake pens a tale that shows a great contrast between people who have everything and those who make something of their lives the hard way. The Logan family may have everything money can buy but Kerensa, Ned, and others show grit and courage money can't buy. The good guys grow on us even with their quirks and idiosyncrasies. The villain is as despicable as they come, sometimes being vicious just because he can.
Throughout the book Ms. Blake weaves a sweet love story with the suspense even though it's probably doomed from the start. Ned and Kerensa are from two different worlds an ocean apart. That doesn't stop them from developing feeling for one another no matter how hard they fight it. Ned's Dad is a great contrast to Campbell Logan's father. He may be flawed but we keep hoping he may grow through it. I like this author's style. It seems like she's writing about real people in situations that could happen. Scenarios come alive as do the people with her use of dialogue and situations that help us know them better. This is well worth reading.
Dee Dailey - The Romance Studio

There’s enough suspense and romance to please readers of either genre, and Blake’s engaging characters and intriguing plot are sure to send you in search of her other titles. John Lindermuth, Writer