Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book covers

Are book covers important, and if so how important? This thought came to me when I was sent a draft of the proposed cover for my new book.  Immediately I liked this cover, it was perfect. The novel is called "Under a Grecian Moon" (out in August 2013) and the cover echoed the title perfectly.

When I am looking for a book to read I confess I am drawn to the writer. The cover is way down my list but if we want to attract a new reader then I would think the cover is very important. It will tempt the prospective reader to pick up the book, I would surmise first they will read the blurb and then the first page.

I don't generally like my characters on the cover. I have a specific idea in my head how that character looks and feel an artist's view would not echo with mine. However, Jinger Easton who designed my cover for "Eden's Child" caught my heroine Maddy perfectly. I was over the moon with that cover. What do you think? I had similar feelings about Kerensa on the cover of A Fatal Flaw. However, there are no pictures of the men in my books. Oh no, I definitely would not like to see my heroes on a cover. They live in my head.

Another Artist David Young does beautiful covers, for my books he has always covered two scenes from the novel. Very clever! (See A Poisoned Legacy).

What do you think? How do you like your covers? Do you like uncovered men? Do you prefer a scene or a character. Come on, give me an opinion - I really want to know.