Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here we go again

Well the earth moved again! I think I told you all about the little 'quake we had some time ago. Tuesday I was at my computer and there was this awful shudder, doors and windows rattling and then a terrific booming sound. I rushed downstairs to find my husband in the dining room relaxing in his chair. "Did you feel that? Did the earth move for you?" Well the expression on his face made me wish I had a camera. Has this women with all these people in her head finally lost it? That is exactly what the expression said. He missed it! He was completely oblivous to the tremour.
Now things being as they are, perhaps it was only felt upstairs. I was in the study upstairs at the front of the house, perhaps it did not happen at the back. Last time he slept through the shuddering, ah well, perhaps that's no bad thing.

I put on the televison at lunch time to catch the local news and there it was. The centre of the 3.7 earthquake was in Cumbria, the county that borders us. But there had been no damage or signs of things collapsing.Thank goodness. It's not as if we are experiencing the horror that the poor people in Italy experienced a few weeks ago.

It was a strange feeling though. I was curious not frightened. I can tell you when I was frightened - on Saturday walking in Cumbria (Lake District) and on top of a fell when it suddenly started thunder and lightening. That was real scary.

Anyway, if anyone ever asks me "Has the earth ever moved for you?" I can quite honestly say, "absolutely -" and wink, wink say no more!


Kathleen said...

That happened to me once too when I lived in Conn. It is a curious feeling -- you described it well.

Mary Ricksen said...

I have felt that feeling too. Once when I was young in New York.
Small is curious, large a catastrophe.

Sarita Leone said...

It is a strange feeling, isn't it? I'm glad it was a minor tremble, and nothing where you or your neighbors were hurt. Certainly adds interest to the week! :)

margaret blake said...

Mary, what an absolutely wonderful description of our mini earthquake. You are so right, small is curious and large is a catastrophe. Nice to see you here.

You know we British are fond of talking about the weather, Sarita, this added a new dimension to our weather obsessed conversation.

Tory Richards said...

Too funny! The earth has moved for me in many different ways:)