Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For the Birds

When we first moved into our home, I noticed an ugly, wrought iron bird bath outside our bedroom window. I planned to put in the trash but it was incredibly heavy. So I waited and then it rained. Birds flocked to that bird bath to drink, bath and socialize.

So we bought a wire brush and cleaned it as best we could. We also change the water every few days. Dozens of birds come every day. I love to watch the mockingbird skid in for a crash landing and then happily splash away. At night two doves sit on the rim of the bird bath with just their tales dipped into the water. They look as if they are watching the sunset.

My husband and I now realize that bird bath is sometimes the only safe water source those birds have. So I've learned my lesson. When I'm thinking about throwing something out, I wait a bit -- just in case.


margaret blake said...

Oh Yes, Kathy, so important, we have a bird bath, it's wonderful to see the birds not only drinking but bathing too. They sometiems look like they are having such fun.

Ahem, Eddie drinks from there too...still better that than like his namnesake, drinking from the toilet bowl (Frasier's Eddie).

Sarita Leone said...

We have a bird bath, and love to see the birds playing in the water. I brought it out from the barn a couple of weeks ago, filled it with water and watched the water freeze. It was kind of funny, a reminder that although I wanted spring to be here it wasn't. Now, though, the water is unfrozen and the birds are as happy as we are! :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!