Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Dreaming

For the past week I have been staying with my family in Florida. The muse has not entirely deserted me but still stands behind me urging me to get back to work. Know what I do? I say, "go away" this is people time. I have things to do with my grandchildren, I want to chat to my son and his wife, I don't need to be sitting at the wheel spinning tall tales. There are lots of other distractions, a swimming pool, fantastic beaches, long hot summer days.

I fear the muse may get really sick of my not paying attention to her (and yes I believe it is a her!) and when I return to cold England, she will desert me! I just hope that does not happen, but you know Muses... tempermental and easily upset.

Bye for now,


PS I forgot to mention, folks, next week at this time I will just about be arriving back in England so there won't be a post from me. Thanks!


Kathleen said...

I know she'll forgive you. Enjoy your vacation!

margaret blake said...

Hope she does, Kathy!

Love M

Debbie Wallace said...

Just ignore her Margaret:)

At least you're having a great time with your family and you're with them for Easter weekend. Have a safe trip back home next weekend.