Monday, March 24, 2008

Erotic Romance

Today I want to blog about the erotic romance. The reason is because of the posts going back and forth in one of the groups I belong to. Some think it's porn but I'm here to tell you the difference. Erotic is not a bad word...and it most definitely is NOT porn. Of course, it all boils down to ones opinion. This one is mine.

I've written one erotic romance, "IT'S ALL IN THE JEANS". A play on words if you will, "IT'S ALL IN THE GENES"...get it? It took me a long time to cross over into that particular genre. I can't tell you how many times I'd type a certain word, go back later and change it only to switch it back again at a later date. I had a hard time getting over the thought that some words are bedroom words and should stay there. That and the fact it just wasn't ME. I'm a grandmother for goodness sake! But, let's face the reality of it, sex sells.

Eventually I was able to leave the words where they fell. Do I write steamy sex scenes? No, I write about two people falling in love, who make hot and heavy love. I use the actual words in my erotic romance.

Does my book have a story line? You bet! If you've ever seen a porn or read one of those books then you know there is NO storyline, no plot between the main characters leading up to them falling in love. Sex is the main focus of the story. They aren't romances. A romance is between two people.

I write romance.

What won't you find in my books? The female C word or the F word. In my opinion those are the bedroom words that need to remain there.

One author's opinion for what it's worth.


Kathleen said...

I don't think any novel written from the heart -- like yours -- is ever porn. All best wishes with your new novel. If you'd like to post some reviews or a blurb that would be great. Think it's just the two of us here this week.

margaret blake said...

Hi - I am still here 'till I get on the big bird tomorow at 8.30 p.m. US time and arrive home at 8.30 a.m. British time, I know complicated!!!

I don't think erotic is porn. Porn often features (or so I believe) men brutalising women. Erotic tends not to have that element, or those that I have read haven't.

The classical novel Lady Chatterley's Lover has the words Debbie has omitted from her novel. I must confess the two four letter words get tedious after a time in some erotic stuff I have read. Get a life, I say.

Good luck to you, Debbie, on your new venture.


Debbie Wallace said...

Do you know I haven't received any reviews for it yet? I'm waiting to hear back from Kate because it's almost been out two months!

Hey Margaret, I didn't know Lady Chatterley's Lover had those words in it. I've never read the book but a good friend of mine loves it and talks about it now and again.

Sarita Leone said...

Yes, Debbie, good luck with your new writing direction! I know you'll do well. I've read your work and your stories are irresistable.

Lady Chatterly's Lover. I haven't read that in a long time. Hmm... thanks for reminding me of that one! ;-)