Thursday, March 6, 2008

If music be the food of love...

Do you write while listening to music? Can you surive without something tinkling away in the background?

This used to be me. If I was writing an historical romance you could be sure to guess the period by the music drifting through the house. Ah, must be Middle Ages, she is playing that awful medieval music, John would think, but never say. I quite liked it. It is rather stirring.

I liked to play folk songs when I was writing about Victorian times, those ditties of love lost, of gruesome murder and all the terrible conditions that the poor suffered at that time. Quite inspirational. If I wanted to "hot" it up then there was the excellent Steeleye Span, pure magic.

For contemporary romance, well old blue eys really put me in the mood. If I heard Frank's delicious tones telling me that here was that rainy day again, then I was in a melting, slushy mood.

Now I have silence. I have changed completely. I like the sound of my fingers striking the keys, the bliss of seeing words form on pristine white paper.

If I am editing I might have Frank, or the Carpenters or Doris Day trilling in the background, but there is something about silence that really gets me...



Kathleen said...

Nice blog, Margaret. I like quiet when I'm writing too but do sometimes listen to some-adrenaline pumping music (Rascal Flats' You Stand or Elton John's Benny & The Jets) to get my energy up before I start. When I lived in a dorm, I used to love the sound of other writers' typing. Sort of makes you think all is right with the world if someone is writing.

Sarita Leone said...

I'm one of those fingers on keys writers. It's the only sound I don't find distracting!

But when I edit I usually listen to Andrea Bocelli. Don't know why, I just do.:)

Great post.

And I agree, Kathy, about the world being right as rain if there's at least one person writing!

margaret blake said...

Oh Sarita, you made me smile. When you said about Andrea Bocelli and said "I don't know why" I heard Daphne in Frasier, she was fond of saying she liked, or thought something but didn't know why, in that dreamy little voice of hers.

Yes peopole writing, world, okay, Kathy.


Debbie Wallace said...

I love Doris Day!

I prefer silence when I'm writing. Too many distractions and I just can't focus. Same when I'm editing. Oh, I can write and edit with something on in the background, but I have to focus real hard and I find I don't get as much done.