Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lost Indian Tribe in Brazil

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You might have seen this on the news the other day but I thought I'd post it anyway. It fascinates me whenever a story like this comes out. It's hard to believe there are still isolated areas out there living like this.

Men from an isolated tribe point arrows toward the sky from their home in Brazil's Amazon jungle as a small plane snaps photos from above. The tribe is among the last on Earth that has had no contact with the outside world, Brazil's National Indian Foundation, or Funai, said.

The photos, taken earlier this month, show "strong and healthy" warriors, six huts and a large planted area. The tribe's camp is in a protected area along the Envira River, near the Peruvian border.

The foundation does not make contact with such tribes but seeks to protect them. "We did the overflight to show their houses, to show they are there, to show they exist," said Jose Carlos Meirelles Jr., an expert in uncontacted tribes for Funai.

Illegal logging is pushing the tribe from its homeland and threatening its way of life, said Survival International, a group that advocates for the rights of indigenous people. Of the more than 100 uncontacted tribes in existence globally, about half live in the Amazon in Peru or Brazil.

"The world needs to wake up to this, and ensure that their territory is protected in accordance with international law. Otherwise, they will soon be made extinct," Survivor International Director Stephen Corry warned.


margaret blake said...

I so agree with Stephen Corry, thanks for posting this, Debbie.


Sarita Leone said...

Incredibly interesting. I hate the idea that we're scaring them by taking photos and that their environment is shrinking.

Great post! :)

Debbie Wallace said...

You're welcome, Margaret.

Hey Sarita, I thought the same thing! What must they think, looking up at that plane? They were probably terrified.