Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ageing with a little bit of grace...or not

Getting older isn't what it's cracked up to be. Does anyone really age gracefully? Most of my life I've heard references to "gravity". Well, I figured out what that meant at the age of thirteen when I had to start buying D-cup bras with the wide straps. It started there but one day I was looking in the mirror after my shower and to my dismay discovered my butt had fallen. No one told me that would happen!

As each year passes I notice more things "falling" on my body. My face has definitely changed as those lines of wisdom have pulled my mouth downward. For the first time in my life I have a double chin, which I suspect used to be part of my face. The flesh on my upper arms have fallen. My belly is in my lap. If the madness doesn't stop I won't be able to see my feet!

To add insult to injury I need glasses to find my glasses. Speaking of glasses, some of you can relate to this. I have a pair in my purse, a pair at my desk at work, a pair next to my computer and a pair next to my chair in the living room. I used to laugh at my hubby for that but now I see the wisdom of it.

I move slower, too, and seem to be a little less graceful. Just in the last couple of months I've fallen twice. Okay, it wasn't my fault I didn't see the hole when I stepped out of the car. It was covered with grass for goodness sake! The second time was because the side walk was uneven. Wouldn't you know I hurt the same darn foot twice!

This morning my hands were stiff and ached. I don't know why, I exercise them on the keyboard every day. Is that a sign of arthritis? I'm too young for that!

Lately I've taken to napping on my days off. I never did that when I was younger. And in the evenings when I turn in I can't sleep. What's up with that? Is that fair? Sometimes I take a PM Tylenol to help me get to sleep and then spend the next half a day in a groggy state trying to wake up. It doesn't make sense!

All in all I'm enjoying life and have much to be thankful for. I'm really not that old, but I guess having a much older hubby makes me feel his age more than mine at times. I'll certainly be prepared when I reach his age:)

Don't feel sorry for us ageing folks. You'll be in the club some day, too.


margaret blake said...

Oh, yes I am there - glasses and all. Elaine Stritch, the actress, once said "You have to be tough to get old." I know now that it is so true.

Keep going though Debbie - we still have a lot to offer.


Sarita Leone said...

Wasn't it Kate Hepburn who said "Growing old is hard work. Eventually it kills you." I may have gotten some of it wrong but I'm pretty sure that's the gist of it. I smile every time I think of that!

Fun post. Good job Debbie! :)

Debbie Wallace said...

You're so right about that, Margaret. I think getting older MAKES you tough. We don't take crap off no one.

Debbie Wallace said...

I loved Katherine Hepburn! Great quote:)You can't argue with the truth.

Kathleen said...

Sometimes a good night's sleep makes you feel 20 years younger.

Debbie Wallace said...

Yes, Kathy! A good sleep makes a big difference in how you feel.