Friday, June 27, 2008

Series reading...and writing

In a few days my new book, Sniffing Sand, will be out. I am beyond excited over this one for a couple of reasons. First, it's set on Chincoteague Island, one of my most favorite places in the world. I love Chincoteague, so to write a romantic suspense set there is a dream come true for me. And as if that's not thrilling enough, Sniffing Sand is the first story in a series. That's right, a series! How cool is that?

That means that I get to revisit some of the characters in Sniffing Sand, as well as glorious Chincoteague Island, again. And again. Who knows? Maybe even again. :)

I've got to say I'm having a blast with this whole series. I feel like I'm hanging out with old friends when I sit down to work on the subsequent stories. Of course they all won't feature Nina and Maxx--or the corpse of Nina's husband's girlfriend!--but Nina and Maxx will make an appearance, along with some other familiar faces, again.

As a reader I've always loved series. I mean, I fell for Nancy Drew when I was very young. And Trixie Belden, she was another early heroine who had a series. As an adult I'm still drawn to series reading.

Now that I've had a taste of writing a series I've got to admit I like it. A lot.

I hope readers will enjoy the Chincoteague Island stories, too. Who knows? Maybe I'll encourage a surge of visitors to the perfect little island.

The backcover blurb from Sniffing Sand:

Building the perfect house on idyllic Chincoteague Island is a dream come true—or so Nina thinks. But when her marriage ends just as the finishing touches are put on her beachfront home, Nina’s pleasure turns to pain. To further complicate things, a body washes up just outside her back door. Not just any body, either. Facedown and seaweed-covered, the corpse is her ex’s new lover. Now that presents its own share of problems!

Maxx Tallman, Chincoteague’s Chief of Police, is smart, handsome and fast on the trail of the murderer. He just might be the man to help Nina free herself from the web of intrigue that ensnares her. Who knows? He might be the one to help fill her lonely nights, too.
But first they’ve got to catch a killer. Fast—before the tide pushes any more bodies onto the sand.

Funny thing? I just realized I'm reading a book that's part of a series! Wild Hunt, by Lori's a Silhouette Nocturne and is the third book in her series. I'm really enjoying this one, although I haven't read the first two.

What about you? Do you enjoy books in a series or do you favor stand-alone stories?

Hope you all have a nice weekend!


Susan said...

If the series is good I like to read books with the same characters in them. I can't wait to read Sniffing Sand!!

margaret blake said...

Congratulations, Sarita, sounds like a thrilling read. Can't wait to read it.

Margaret Blake

Debbie Wallace said...

It's funny you should ask because lately I've been having serious thoughts about writing a sequel to "Cupid's Arrow". Do you find it easier?