Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Cover

Hi, Thought you might like to see the new cover for my book out in August. Jinger Heaston has designed it and it is up to Jinger's impecable standard. I told Jinger, I don't know how she does it but I had that very beach in mind!

Life is still hectic, hence the "cop" out this week. Sorry no "real" blog. I won't be here next week either. I'd like to share why - my son who is an American is flying in to Dublin, Ireland, on business, he is bringing the whole family and has sent me an air line ticket to join them. I fly out Monday to Kerry in the far West of Ireland. I am SO excited, I am meeting myself coming back!

Amazingly, and even more amazing with the country's closeness to ours, I have never been to Ireland. You know what it is like, when a country is close you always say, I am going to go there but there's plenty of time. Even more reason to go is that my Grandmother, whose name I used to write under, Ellen Noone, was from there. I never knew my Irish Granny as she died years before I was born. She had a very hard life and I always carry her in my heart. I will be looking out for Noone's while I am there!

So bye for now and I will tell you all about next time I post.



Kathleen said...

Terrific news and great cover! Enjoy Ireland and your family.

Sarita Leone said...

Ooh, what a gorgeous cover! So haunting. Leave it to Jinger to do it again! She is amazing.

I'm looking forward to reading your new release, Margaret. Congrats!

And such good news on the Ireland trip. I'm so happy for you. Have a lovely time!

Debbie Wallace said...

Jinger does amazing work and your new cover proves it. You must be thrilled over how beautiful it is.

Have a great time with your family in Ireland. What a good son to send you a ticket!

Susan said...

Very pretty cover. I like the way the words are different.