Friday, May 30, 2008

Inspiration...on wheels

No, this isn't our car. I wish it was, but it's not. A few weeks ago we saw it in a local park and I couldn't resist taking a few photographs of it. The shiny teal, brilliant chrome and roomy interior (yes, I took a peek inside!) made my heart flutter. I love old cars, just love 'em. They hold so many stories.

If this old Desoto could only talk, what would it say? Would it tell tales, or keep its "lips" sealed? Did it carry children in the backseat? Or teenagers? Bags of groceries in the trunk? Maybe that trunk held suitcases while the car carried its passengers on family vacations. And who knows? That backseat could have had some very romantic a drive-in, maybe? Or parked behind the high school bleachers? For all I know this car may have brought babies home from the hospital. Between us, I hope it did do just that--at least once or twice.

As I said, we saw this car a couple of weeks ago but it's still very much in my mind. I'm probably going to write a story because of this car. It's funny, too, because most times that's all it takes for me to begin to write a new story...just a passing thought, a scent in the air or something I've seen or heard. People ask, "Where do ideas come from?" and they don't believe me when I say, "From everywhere." But it's true. Just ask this car. It knows. I'll bet it does.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Me? I've got a story to start writing.

Once upon a time there was a handsome man, a smart, funny woman and a shiny turquoise car...



margaret blake said...

When I lived in the States in the sixties my girlfriend and I had a Crysler Desota, not that model, ours had much bigger wings, it was a super car though and such good fun. It actually had a record deck inside it. Now isn't that the coolest thing. I learned to drive it but I came back here before I passed my test.


Anonymous said...

My Dad had a car like that! I loved it! The backseat was sooo big!

Just saw your quilts on your blog. Gorgeous!!


Debbie Wallace said...

Great blog and picture! They don't make cars like they used to. Big and roomy with a character all its own. Course, I bet this old beauty is a gas guzzler!