Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Finished

I typed the last words on my novel today. Generally when I get to the end of a big writing project there is a let down. But today it felt so exhilirating to finish.

And though strolling violionists didn't serenade me as I did my victory lap around the keyboard, a couple equally good things did happen today. Margaret Blake's new novel, Breaking the Clouds came in the mail. What a beautiful book. And speaking of beautiful, Wild Rose Press redid my cover for Overdue for Love and e-mailed it. So I'm doing the happy dance down here in Florida.


margaret blake said...

Congratulations, Kathy! It is always great to finish a book...now you have to start the next.

I love your cover too, they certainly do you proud cover wise, and why not - you are such a great writer.


Sarita Leone said...

Congratulations Kathy! Wonderful news about finishing the book. I agree with Margaret...you'll need to start a new book! :)

Lovely cover, too! I just got a bunch of new covers and I've got to say I'm really enjoying seeing the new ones. Much more colorful than the older ones were.

Have a great day! And thanks for sharing your happy news with us! :)

Debbie Wallace said...

Beautiful book cover Kathy! And congratulations on finishing your book. It's a good feeling when you type, the end:)

Kathleen said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm hoping to write a few short stories before I think of another book but you never know.