Thursday, May 29, 2008

Publication Day

Tomorrow 30th May, is publication day for the above novel. If this were not real and in a t.v. show or a movie, they would show the author attending a glamorous party, eating nibbles and drinking copious amounts of expensive wine...the reality is very different. Celebrations in this house are saved for when the book is ACCEPTED, the rest is just hard work. Trying to get some publicity (I have been lucky this year with lots of coverage in my local paper and also in the local paper of where I used to live) and telling as many people as possible that the book is now available. The glamour is as much a fiction as my novel is! I guess if you are a best selling author then you get the party but the rest of us out there do their very best just to get noticed.

Don't think I am moaning about this, I don't mind at all. I am not one these days for glamorous parties, my figure won't allow me to eat too many nibbles and copious amounts of wine would do me no good at all...two glasses max, that is me these days. I am delighted my book is out there -
and pardon the plug - any passer by at this site - the book is available in book stores, from the publisher direct at and of course that old faithful!

Cheers - have to rush, laundry to do, supermarket to get to...see what I mean, glamour? What glamour?



Kathleen said...

I love this book and it's in hard cover which makes for a luxurious read. Congratulations, Margaret. It must have been such a thrill to see the book for the first time because it's gorgeous. You should be sipping a bit of champagne for this amazing accomplishment.

margaret blake said...

Thanks, Kathy.


Sarita Leone said...

What a gorgeous cover! Congratulations on your new release! I am so happy for you--and for us, the readers lucky enough to read another of your wonderful stories.

I do hope you are celebrating at least a little bit. I'm smiling, and raising my glass of juice in toast to you! Sending big congratulatory hugs your way! :)

Debbie Wallace said...

Ditto to what Kathy and Sarita said in their comments Margaret. The release of a new book is always exciting and you have a lot to be happy for. And I'm happy for you!

Congratulations my friend:)

margaret blake said...

Thanks, Debbie and Sarita. It proved a somewhat fraught day, what with having to dash up to the hospital, and then lots of phone calls came in just as I was settling down for the night. A most unusual day for a publication day!