Thursday, May 15, 2008


Look at these lovely little flowers, there they are growing out of rock, surviving the harsh conditions and looking beautiful. A bit like our heroines, don't you think? We put our heroines through the wringer, experiencing the most scary episodes, things that would terrify we writers and reduce us to quivering jelly. But not our girls, they go on and tough it out and come out smiling at the end, usually on the arm of some gorgeous guy. But it is all escapist fun for us, whereas for these lovely little flowers it is a reality.

The photo was taken on my last walk in the Lake District. That was quite an experience because my walking friend, Sheila, and I got separated from the group. Not our fault, they simply did not wait up for us and we went the wrong way, nearly three miles out of our way. However, we met a hero who put us on the right track. Did this brave heroine lambast the group leader who had not waited for us...what do you think?

Nevertheless, although the 8 mile walk turned into just over 12, Sheila and I survived, we lived to tell the tale and like these little flowers, came up blooming in the end.




Kathleen said...

What a great photo and great blog. 12 miles! Glad you weren't alone. I can see how you create your adventuress heroines

Sarita Leone said...

Oh Margaret, you're right! We do put our heroines in precarious positions but they always find a way out of everything. Women are really the stronger half of the species, I believe.

Love this photo! Thanks so much for sharing it. You know I adore flowers. I enjoyed your adventurous trip, too. I can only imagine how much fun you and your friend had talking away the extra miles! And you met a real-life hero, too. It sounds lovely. :)

Debbie Wallace said...

Good idea carrying a camera with you during your walks, never know what you'll stumble upon. And I'm awed that you walked that many miles.

Great post Margaret:)