Monday, May 19, 2008

My Last Week

On Mother's Day about 11:30 at night my niece and I found my dad (step-father) non-responsive in his chair at home. He'd had a stroke. We don't know how long he was there like that but my niece had spoken to him earlier that evening and he was fine. Later, when a friend of his couldn't reach him by phone they became worried and phoned another neighbor who lived next door. When they went over they saw dad through the open curtains and knew something wasn't right. He then called us.

He was rushed to the hospital, put on life support and they immediately began treating him. After three days he began to come around and was taken off life support. And yesterday they moved him out of ICU. Now he's trying to eat a little and we're able to have a conversation to a point. At times he's still confused and non-responsive, his speech slurred. But we're hoping for a full recovery, he's still young at 69. It appears he's going to be hospitalized for a while, though.

During the week my daughter, niece and I have made countless trips to the hospital, either before work or after work, to see him and speak to his nurses. He's also had many friends visit him. While he was in ICU he indicated he knew you were there by squeezing your hand. It was reassuring that he was aware of your presence.

We have yet to meet any of his doctors as you know how that is, if you're not around when they make their rounds you're out of luck. And if you are around you'd better talk to them quick because they're always on the run to the next patient. Don't they realize that family members are anxious over their loved ones? That we have questions and concerns and want to be assured everything is going to be okay? Today I let the nurses at the hospital know, and called his main doctor's office staff to let them know I wanted to meet with the doctor to discuss dad's treatment. It's been over a week and receiving bits and pieces from different nurses isn't cutting it.

Anyway, just wanted y'all to know if I'm not around as much as before, or I miss a post, that most likely it has something to do with dad.


margaret blake said...

Debbie, I am thinking of you at this traumatic time. It is the same over here, Doctors are mythical beasts who disappear whenever you want to see them. As the medical service is so expensive over there I thought it would be different, but I see it is just like our National Health Service.

Take it easy,


Kathleen said...

Oh Debbie I'm so sorry. Keeping your family in my prayers.

Sarita Leone said...

Oh Debbie, I'm so sorry to hear of your family's troubles. Please know you're in my thoughts and prayers. And give a holler if I can do anything to help! Even if it's only a shoulder to lean on, I'm here.

Sending big hugs!

Debbie Wallace said...

Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words. Dad is doing better. Only time will tell if he makes a complete recovery.