Friday, January 16, 2009

Yoo Hoo...

Oh my gosh, it feels like forever since I've chatted with you. It practically has been, actually. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and welcomed in the new year amidst champagne and interesting resolutions.

Me? Well, we spent the holidays dealing with a health crisis, unfortunately. We were treated to dinner on a tray and one of us wore one of those open-at-the-back gowns but at least we were together. We are looking forward to a happy, healthy new year. I wish the same for all of you.

In the coming weeks we will be concentrating on getting well but I'm going to try and stop in on Fridays as usual. I hope you'll forgive my absence; it honestly couldn't be helped and was entirely unplanned and unexpected. One of my New Year's resolutions? To try not to miss any more Fridays!

So, how's January treating you? Here in upstate New York it's been frigid but I don't much mind. After all, we're stuck in the house so it's the perfect time for Mother Nature to snow and blow. Hope your January is a good one!

Have a nice weekend!

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Debbie Wallace said...

Hi stranger! I'm sorry to hear about the health crisis but it sounds like you're on the mend. Thank goodness for that!

I would love to be up north right now, and snowed in somewhere where I could look out a picture window and enjoy the snow and scenery. Good cuddling weather:)