Friday, January 23, 2009


It's hard for me to believe that January's almost over, but it is. I feel like we went from early December to now in a flash. How did that happen?

Well, it's happened, so I'd best come to terms with the first month of the new year's fleeting nature--fast! Only a week left before we welcome February. Only a week left before JaNoWriMo is over...and I'm not nearly as close to finishing my January novel as I'd like to be.

With that in mind, I'm going to wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love and laughter before I head for my laptop to work on my JaNoWriMo novel. It's called Tango At Midnight and is woefully short of the necessary word count. But who knows? I've still got a week to work on it. Anything's possible in this bright new year, don't you think?

Hope your day is a happy one!


margaret blake said...

Know so well that short word count, but, Sarita, you will get there.

Anonymous said...

I really love that title! Keep up the good work!!


Kathleen said...

Hope things have settled down for you and you have the space and time to write.