Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy Lives

I know that Kathy has been very busy recently, caring for her husband. Although Kathy mentions that she has missed reading, I am sure she has missed writing her wonderful novels too.

Is it woman thing? Do our lives become more difficult because we are more often carers, whether of children, relatives or friends? I know I do resent it when I get dragged away from my computer for more than an hour. I do have to grin and bear it but inside I am so frustrated. Does this happen to Stephen King - does he have to rush out of writing room because his wife cannot find something? Does James Patterson have to put his next thriller to one side because a loved one feels they cannot cope that day? Or is it not a woman/man thing. Is it because we are not rich and famous, that we cannot afford a legion of staff to take care of us?

What do you think? Am I far off base, or hitting the target.


Sarita Leone said...

Oh Margaret, as usual you're right on target. Such a wise woman!! :)

Life does go "on hold" sometimes. I know we all look forward to the days when things get back to normal. I figure we'll be back to normal by spring, or early summer, and I am so excited by that thought!

Have a nice weekend. :)

Kathleen said...

Sometimes I forget to appreciate how wonderful normal can be -- reading a book, eating dinner -- then those times remind you. Another insightful blog, Margaret