Thursday, January 8, 2009

That Old Rocking Chair

New Year began momentuously in the Blake household! We, or rather my husband, has this old rocking chair. I think it came out of the Ark when Noah wasn't looking. I guess the old guy was too busy feeding all those animals. Anyway, this old rocking chair was sort of like Frasier's Dad's chair, you know the awful monstrosity that spoils the look of Frasier's gorgeous, Chanel designed apartment? Not that my home resembles in anyway anything like that.

However, I have nagged, cajoled, done the woman thing of trying to make the man think it's his idea, to get him to get rid of that blasted chair. I tell you, shame isn't in it. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather when on New Year's Day, he who must be obeyed, suggests we get rid of his old chair, and my chair. Now these two are in what we call the "back room" sort of living room cum-dining room, but in the front room is my special chair. It's a Parker Knoll, perhaps you don't have these in the States, but they are superb chairs, made by craftsman and cost a fortune. I got mine through a friend when her Uncle, an old sea captain died, and I love it.

He suggests that until we get new chairs, we should use that one. Great. I struggle to get it into the back room but whose rear end sits on it? Yeah, you guessed, his, so I am definitely regretting this decision. I am regretting that the old rocking chair is at the bottom of the garden, bent and doubled and waiting for the "tip" to open.

A new chair is found - really this will be better for the sitting room, it's very nice, but because my Mom's old chair has also gone to the tip, I am using it...but I yearn to rest my weary butt in that lovely Parker Knoll.

Today we off searching for another chair.

My advice people, New Year or no New Year, be careful what you wish for!



Debbie Wallace said...

Cute story. I have a favorite chair. Yes, it's an eye sore but I've thrown a piece of fabric over it. Made in the 40's, its gold fabric is way outdated and torn on the foot rest. It's a reclyner rocker and I love it! It's perfect for me. And so comfortable:)

Kathleen said...

I love my old blue chair.

Anonymous said...

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