Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last week I printed a five heart review for The Substitute Bride, and did mention that I had another one, so here goes.


Fabio Hetherington has left an inheritance to a woman named Roxie Rawson. As executor of the estate Saul is able to find her in New Zealand. When he visits he's surprised to find she has an eight year old son who looks exactly like his dead brother. Fabio's widow and mother aren't happy with the news and set out in their own way to find out more about the woman and boy. Young Josh and his uncle become close but Roxie never wants to let herself feel anything for the man who is so different from his brother.

Margaret Blake weaves an interesting story about the separation of the classes of rich versus poor in England. Roxie is a spunky woman who refuses to cry over the spilt milk of life. She'd rather be poor than depend on the family that ignored her when she and Josh were at the lowest point in their lives. She's fought her way out of the doldrums to make a life for herself and doesn't feel the need for Fabio's family now. Saul is a persistent man whose search for the truth doesn't stop as he and Josh become close.

Ms Blake does an excellent job building her chracters. Roxie is such an interesting blend of insecurity in her personal life as opposed to her sense of security and fair play in her job. Saul has had to be strong from the time he was very young but like Roxie, he adapted through rejection and some of the insults dished out. The difficulty he and Roxie have in the communication department is much like that of any two people who have to learn to talk about their feelings. Though neither acknowledge it they're much more alike than diffeent. This is a well crafted romance with a little suspense thrown in that makes it a great read.
Five Hearts from The Romance Studio.


Debbie Wallace said...

Excellent review Margaret, congratulations! You're on a roll:)

Sarita Leone said...

Wonderful review! Way to go!!

margaret blake said...

Thanks Debbie and Sarita, I was very pleased too.

Kathleen said...

Bravo! Wonderful review for a great book.