Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things Happen in Threes

Heard the expression, things come in threes? Ohmygod how true it turned out last week! Only it happened in fours! I can't help but wonder what's next?

As if the stinkin economy isn't bad enough. One of my co-workers suffered a heart attack at the age of thirty-six, another one was rushed to the hospital yesterday because she was having chest pains as well, and my dad called me to say he thinks he's very ill and dying. Okay, he's been saying that ever since my mom passed away. It's eventually going to come true. We all die. I'm not being flip about it, I love my step-dad but he's a little on the melodramatic side and he's never gotten over losing mom.

My daughter called me one night on her way home from work, crying because the company she's worked for the last seven years told everyone no more bonuses! Now granted, you're not supposed to count on a bonus but when you've received one every month for seven years, well, you count on it damn it! We're talking in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars in a good month. That's a lot of money for a young couple with a baby.

I wanted to cry with her. I wanted to fix it for her. I wanted to reach through the darn phone and hug her. My daughter is a very strong individual and it takes a lot to make her cry. But she was so frustrated, angry and of course worried. So I spent half an hour telling her what she had to be thankful for and convincing her there are other folks out there who have it worse. At least she still has a job. And she has options.

I guess what angered her the most is that the company she works for actually showed a profit last year. It is hard to understand how they could stop the bonuses for their employees knowing how hard it is to make ends meet right now. I think they're doing what a lot of companies are doing and taking advantage of the economy. There aren't any jobs right now so they can pretty much do whatever they want. If you want to keep your job you can't say a thing but are forced to go along with whatever.

Oh, and the fourth thing? My lap top crashed and I lost everything! My ebook library, my ebooks, all my pictures, programs I'd downloaded...good thing I had back up:)


margaret blake said...

Gosh we say that too, about bad things and threes. It is a true fact. It does seem so hard on your daughter, I do hope things pick up for her. Let there soon me an upswing, this doom and gloom is terrible. We all need a real boost of some good news.


Sarita Leone said...

Geez,when it rains it truly pours, doesn't it? I hope things begin to go better for you and yours. Sending good thoughts your way!