Sunday, January 4, 2009

Those Hairy, Amusing Little Fur Balls!

What is up with cats and their disgusting habit of turning their tails into your face? I love my three little felines but I do not like or appreciate that particular habit. I can't tell you how many times I wake during the night to a little fur ball curled up around my head, with my nose up against their butt! The other night when I realized Jezebel was laying with her tail end against my cheek I turned my head, only to find my breathing cut off by Woffy's hairy butt.

If that's not bad enough, they use my body as a trampoline. I'm not kidding. I'll be sleeping, or close to it, when they'll jump right on my belly on their way over the bed. What, do they think that soft rounded protuberance beneath the covers is their personal little jumping toy? It's bad enough I get slapped awake at 3:00 o'clock every morning by a little black demon who wants some attention. Jezebel has also started bringing her toys to bed and every one of them makes a noise.

I've also noticed things disappearing around here. A tiny bottle of eye drops, usually sitting on the table next to my chair, disappeared the second day I put it there. I know I'll find it one day, probably the day I move. They have a secret stash somewhere, where I'll find tongs, socks, the removable little plastic Christmas bulbs that are on my ceramic tree, and my next doctor's appointment card. That's just a few things.

Little thief's! Why, I've even woken to find one tugging on my earring, which was still attached to my ear. LOL

I thought I'd share the perils of owning cats. Those of you with cats will relate to what I'm talking about. Cats are amusing, entertaining, and I wish I had room for more!

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