Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is the cover of my latest British published novel - in hardback and available at as well, from the 30th October, at

The novel has a Florida setting and curiously, with all that is going on in your country at the moment, we have a lot of documentaries about the States. My favourite has been one presented by the charming Stephen Fry. I can tell you that Debbie will have loved him visiting Maine. I did too. It is a quirky journey through all the States and he finds such unusual thing.

However, what has this to do with my book, I hear you ask. Well last week he went to Florida. John and I were beside ourselves with excitment - but what a let down. He decided to go just to Miami, oh sure he showed us a brief scene of him travelling the Everglades, but it was brief. His main thesis was on Miami. HELLO - I screamed, is London typical of England? Of course not - my area is a million miles away in style from London, so why concentrate on Miami. Florida is wonderful, it is not all theme parks and, to drive home a point, big cities. Go to the centre, see the ranches - the fruit farms, the wonderful, glorious countryside. Visit the wildlife - the birds - Sands Cranes - Ospreys, Eagles.

That is why my book is sitting up there, not merely as a plug but because I like to think it is about the Florida so many British people don't get to see. I am lucky. My family show me all Florida and I love it! So come on Stephen, re-visit, you could have a treat in store!

I am not here next week, I am off to bonny Scotland and I will try and get some photographs for you all to see. I adore Scotland, well I had a Scottish Granny so come on, I have to like it, don't I?

While here, can I tempt you to visit a review for The Substitute Bride - go to - now that is a pleasant review to read before I go over the border!




Sarita Leone said...

I am looking forward to reading this book. You always tell such a great story! And the cover is lovely.

Scotland? How wonderful! I'd love to hide away in your pocket...I know the trip will be interesting. Hopefully you'll tell us about it when you return.

Have fun, Margaret! Travel safe. :)

Debbie Wallace said...

Great blog, Margaret. Another beautiful book cover, too!

Have you ever been on a houseboat trip here in Florida with your family? Talk about seeing sights you can't see anyway else! Hubby and I and his son and family took a 4-day houseboat trip on the St. Johns river. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!