Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Quiet Ones

I belong to The Lady Bug Book Club. It's a night out to drink coffee, eat cake and talk about books. Last night we discussed Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. This is a book I would never have preserved through if it hadn't been required. And I'm glad I read it because in the middle of the book I started liking it.

There is a funny scene around page 200 where the narrator a garrulous, charismatic type wishes she could have been 'a quiet girl.' I just hooted because no one wants to be the quiet one. It is never esteemed -- believe me I've been there. I was voted the quietest girl in my high school class and it didn't feel like a compliment.

But funny what a difference some maturity gives you. This book made me realize quiet can be a good thing and give a person an air of mystery. She says that as a talker she always assumed her ideas were more important than others and she regrets all the times she's interrupted other people. Quiet people she feels are respectful and spiritual. I don't know about it but we are good listeners. That can be a termendous service.

So today I say Hooray for the quiet ones and thank you Elizabeth.


margaret blake said...

Ah but, Kathy, my friend - how does that fit in with the old adage -
"The quiet ones are always the worst!"

Cheers, Margaret.

Sarita Leone said...

Yes, cheers for the quiet ones. What a thoughtful post!

I've got to tell you I wish I belonged to a book club. I would love it, and would love reading books I never would have chosen on my own. I am tickled you belong to one, and even more thrilled you share your experiences with us.

Hugs! Hope you're feeling greatly improved! :)