Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yesterday we experienced a glorious warm sunny day, reminiscent of summer, more than autumn. Fortunately, I was out on one of my walks to Cartmel. This is a glorious old village on the edge of the Lake District. We set off from Grange over Sands and climbed and experienced wonderful views for our trouble. Below the silver sands of Morecambe Bay stretched as far as the eye could see - out on the rich green marshes were the lambs. These are said to be the tastiest lamb you can eat because they eat on the salt marshes. They are considered a delicacy. Sorry you vegetarians!

The sands shift and the tides are treacherous, the lambs must know when to move off - they probably know more than we humans. The Queen has a Morecambe Bay guide, his name is Cyril and he lives in a glorious cottage that we walked by. He will take groups of people across these treacherous sands and he knows the way, just as the sheep do, and knows how to avoid the quicksands and the deep gulleys where sea water will lodge.

I have done this walk before and often have met with Cyril in his garden. Wonderfully we were able to help him. He asked where we were from and when we told him the Blackpool area he asked us to hang on while he brought out his diary. He had a speaking engagement in the town and wanted to know exactly where it was, and how could he avoid the actual town of Blackpool. In Blackpool at the moment they have the illuminations, a brilliant show of electric lights and it is popular, so lots of traffic. One of our crew had actually lived in the area Cyril wanted to go to and was able to tell him exactly how to get there avoiding the "light traffic"

It got me thinking how it is you can help people who usually do not need help at all. That even experts are glad of information and a true expert is never afraid to ask for help either.

I ask my writer friends what they think of some things I have written and they ask me. Not that I am expert in any way, but asking for help quite often is a hard thing to do. So my little plea this week is, if you are in trouble or in doubt, ask, you might be surprised at who can give you the answer you need.

Cheers, Margaret - who wishes she had not forgotten to take her camera!


Sarita Leone said...

You're so right, Margaret, about asking for help. People can't possibly know when someone needs something but are most likely eager to help when they find out their assistance is necessary. And I love to sit and learn from someone who has answers I don't have.

Great post. Even without the camera I can see it all! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a lovely time!


Kathleen said...

Wonderful, blog from someone who helps me all the time.