Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Shopping

Had some very minor surgery last week that turned out to be a bigger deal than I expected. Isn't that always the way? But I wasn't so sick that I couldn't toddle over to Whiskey Creek Press ( and pick up a couple of great books -- they were on sale too.

I bought Margaret Blake's The Substitute Bride and Sarita Leone's Legal Tender. Now I'm going to load them on my Alpha Smart and head back to bed. It's going to be a fun day of delicious reading.


margaret blake said...

I am so sorry to read that you are not feeling too good, Kathy, I hope you soon recover, you are in my prayers.

Thank you for buying the books - the least I can say is "happy reading" and get well soon.

Love, Margaret.

Sarita Leone said...

Oh Kathy, I hope you're quickly recovered! I am so sorry to hear you're under the weather. I'll keep you close in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you so much for buying Legal Tender. I hope you enjoy it! You've made my day with your kindness and support! :)

Take good care.