Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Saturday Surprise!

I just love Google Alerts! This morning I got a lovely surprise; a new review for Bay Leaves and Bundles from The Romance Studio.

Five Hearts!

"...This is such a great story of sibling rivalry which Ms. Leone builds just right. If their pillows weren't made of cornhusks I could easily see these two marriageable young women having a pillow fight as they argue about the benefits inherent in their respective choice for a spouse... This is a lot of fun. Without the tri-corn hats, the bundle board, bay leaves and need to ask the father before courting this could be any two sisters in any century. With those things there are probably a lot more smiles as you read!"

Read the whole review here.

Purchase Bay Leaves and Bundles here.


margaret blake said...

Congratulations, Sarita, great review.


Kathleen said...

Fantastic! Another of your terrific historical stories

Debbie Wallace said...

I'm so happy for you Sarita! Congratulations on a great review.