Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am dropping in early this week. I have no blog as I have three different lots of edits to do. Remember this happened to me a few months ago, well I am now at the final stage of these books.
I won't be posting at all next week as I shall be in Edinburgh at the Festival, but more important is that I will be meeting up with my friend Loren Teague who lives in New Zealand. This will be a marvellous reunion for both of us. So please excuse me for being absent without leave!
Hope you like the picture, it was taken one on of
my walks last Sunday and shows the wonderful
Eden Valley in Cumbria. Any visitors from the USA
to England, please remember, there is more to
the UK than London!!
Kind regards, Margaret.


Debbie Wallace said...

Absolutely beautiful picture!

And please forgive me larkers...I was editing this week too and forgot all about posting on Monday! Sorry:(

The good news is I just finished:)

Kathleen said...

Lovely! Have a great trip and a wonderful visit with Loren