Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here comes summer!

I am gazing out of my window at a grey day, showers of rain come and go. Yesterday we had winds, that is our summer, rain, winds and hey - a day of warm sunshine. I don't now why, I only know it is very dispiriting.

We need the summer sunshine, it prepares us for the winter (and yes I know that people in Florida are wilting in the heat - I hear it from my family!). This island does have a varied climate, you can't rely on the weather but this summer has been really dreadful. I can't think that we have had a week of good weather. Now we are looking forward to August - what will that be like? I would even settle for a mild and sunny Fall!

The only thing for me to do is to escape in my head - I have started a new novel but am struggling a little bit, still I am going to send my heroine to somewhere warm and sunny - I need to go there!

The rain is falling now but in my head it is warm and sunny, she can slip out of that jacket...ah, that is so much better.



Kathleen said...

Bravo another book! That's so exciting. It's been raining all week here in Florida too.

Debbie Wallace said...

We need the rain, though:)

Hey Margaret, isn't it great that if when we can't go somewhere ourselves that we can go there in our books?