Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How About Three?

I know it's a long way to New Years, but I've decided to make some resolutions and streamline my life. I decided to start with my Yahoo Groups. At last count I belonged to 22 of them.

They are all great writing groups but I was inactive in all of them. The worst thing I did was sign up to be guest moderator in one and then totally forget to show up. Not only did I not show up, I didn't even remember that I'd forgotten. So time for a resolution. I decided to cut back to three.

It was hard to chose but I decided to go with the groups either associated with my publishers or where my fiction was a good fit. And now I'm working at welcoming new members, applauding other writer's successes, buying as many e-books as I can and writing reviews for them. And it's exhausting! I don't know how writers do this and get any of their own work done.

So my question: How many groups do you belong to and how active are you? I'd love to keep this up because I've met delightful, talented people but I know as soon as I'm knee-deep in my next story that I'm probably reverting to my hermit self.


margaret blake said...

Goodness, I belong to so many groups I would need a day to count them.

I do not participate as much as I should.

However I am a guest at loveromances.com group on Friday this week.

Hope you can stop by.


Debbie Wallace said...

I'm about to take a page right out of your book, Kathy. I belong to 40 groups, several networking sites on top of maintaining 2 websites and a blog, and it's running my life! Trying to keep up with them is impossible.

You're right, it's hard to decide which ones to keep but I'm going to have to. I want to start devoting more time to my writing and I've neglected it long enough. Play time is over! LOL