Friday, July 18, 2008

Between books...

...and feeling kind of... oh, I don't know. Untethered. Is that the right word for it? You know the feeling; I'm kind of "between jobs" and while it's loads of fun not to feel pressed to form the story, make the characters think, feel, speak or watch the word count build I'm...well, I guess I'm just not used to it. And it's left me feeling...yes, untethered is the right word. I'm like a balloon without a string, ready to blow off on a wayward gust but so gust.


In the meantime I've cleaned the house from top to bottom (twice!), organized the closets, straightened out my desk drawers, baked, gardened, hiked through the meadows, played with the cat, talked the ears off Hubby--well, you get the idea.

I'm waiting. I need to decide what comes next. Why is it when you want a calm day, you get wind? When you're looking for a breeze, you get stillness.

What about you? What's up in your world? And are your days filled with gusty moments or calm, quiet, watchful (hopeful!) ones like mine?

Hope you have a great weekend. Me? I'm looking for a breeze...


Kathleen said...

I just finished my novel yesterday and today started the big cleaning of my office. Funy how we turn to cleaning at the conclusion of a book. Sounds like you've got everything ship shape and are awaiting inspiration. I'm still enjoying my break.

Debbie Wallace said...

Hey Sarita, you're more than welcome to come and clean my house:)

Seriously though, enjoy the change for a bit. Or use your free time to network. Discover new websites and ways of getting your name out there. Book Place, Face Book, Bebo, Yuwie, etc. I joined a new group - Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction. Links are on my blog if any of these interest you.