Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Almost Paradise

People who refer to Florida as paradise probably don't live here in July and August. It's hot and buggy and this morning we had a funnel cloud (yikes)but no tornado. Still,I kind of like the summer here because it's quiet and I get more writing done.

But I do have to schedule my writing and blogging around electrical storms which are frequent and the reason I'm late with my post today. There is something a bit over the top about Florida -- lush fragrant tropical flowers,over-large alligators and lizards that scatter when you step outside -- that make it exciting to write about. I never have to worry about describing the scenery because it so vivid and full of conflict. Take the smell for instance -- a combination of lovely gardenias and the smell of rot. It can rain here when the sun is out.

Sometimes though I think of Cape Cod and sigh.


margaret blake said...

Oh but Debbie, my family are there so it is always paradise for me.


Sarita Leone said...

Margaret, that's so sweet! :)

I had to laugh...gardenias and rot? What a great description! I tell you, during the longer-than-long New England winters I dream of Florida. Even rot sounds good during a blizzard!

Thanks for the smile. :)

Kathleen said...

Sarita, Glad you got a laugh. I know in February I'll be so glad to live here.

Kathleen said...

Margaret, It's me Kathleen not Debbie. Though she's a fellow Floridian she isn't as big a complainer as I am.