Friday, August 1, 2008

Fluffy and Fido

This is our cat Piglet. She's 12 and we think she's the sweetest little thing around. She's got a personality that could charm a snake and purrs so loud she sounds like she's hiding an engine somewhere on her furry self. We love her. A lot.

Have you noticed that most people have at least one pet? Or, if they don't currently live with a pet, they've had one. Or plan to get one. Yes, animals do play an important role in our lives. I know our world wouldn't be the same without our Piglet.

I've noticed that so many of our favorite characters have pets. Pigs, birds, fish, cats and dogs seem tame. I've read books where falcons, wolves, penguins, sharks and ferrets have filled out the family unit. I think one of my favorite pets was in the Laura Kinsdale novel Midsummer Moon. In that story the pet of choice was a hedgehog!

I believe pets belong in novels. So far I haven't brought any odd pets into my books but there's usually at least one cat, and sometimes a dog. After all, in the real world we love our feathered, furry and sometimes slimy friends. Why not invite them into our characters' lives, too?

How do you feel about pets in novels? Do they belong on the pages? Or should they be left on the author's lap?

Have a nice weekend! :)


Kathleen said...

Love that photo! What a sweet cat. To answer your question, I think pets definitely belong in novels. Our characters are at their most unguarded with their beloved animals. In Jodi Picoult's novel, My Sister's Keeper, the attorney's service dog is pivotal to the plot and for me the most memorable character.It's always a bonus for me if their is an animal in the novel I'm reading

Dru said...

I find that when there is a pet in a story, we see the characters more relaxed for that moment before the rest of the sory is told.

Debbie Wallace said...

I totally agree Sarita! I think pets bring a lot to a story and most of my romances have them.

Your little cat is adorable! I have two of my own:)

margaret blake said...

I love the cat, she is the same colour, almost of my Eddie, who is a ginger tom. Lovely cat.

Yes pets are fine in novels. Kathy Reichs has the lovely big dog in hers, as does Aez Delaware. I think they make the charactes very human.

Margaret B