Friday, August 29, 2008


Research. Do you remember being a kid in grade school, "doomed" to write a report or complete a project? One that required--dare I say it aloud?--research? Oh, the horror! The humiliation! The agony of it all!

Research? Arrghh...while the other kids were outside playing?

I hated those dratted assignments, hated poking around for facts, figures, clues and clauses. I always wanted to be outside playing, too.

Thankfully, times have changed. Now I relish research, love digging beneath the surface and learning new things. Before I begin a book I usually have a--delightful!--chunk of hours devoted to research. They are a true pleasure now, an indulgence I relish. So different from hammering away at the keyboard, the research hours are almost like a mental beach stroll. I pick up, and examine, various seashells or bits of driftwood. Some I keep, thinking I'll use them somehow, somewhere, for something. Others, I toss. Who knows? Maybe someone else will see something in those bits I don't see.

Yes, research for a new book is like a bracing seaside stroll. When I'm done walking I'm ready to sit down and get to work. Now the research is the play; writing is the work. Yes, things really do change.

Today I'll begin researching a location for a new book. I've got most of the story plotted but it's taken a while to decide where to set it. Finally, I think I've got it. So, now...research. Between us, I'm looking forward to my hours poking about, learning new things and making them fit into the new story line.

Oh? Where will the story take place? Well, I'd been thinking of keeping it mum but since we're all good friends here I'll share.

Acapulco. I think my characters will have some fun in the sun.

Or maybe Bora Bora.

Or...well, who knows where my research will take us.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, wherever it leads you!


margaret blake said...

Living in a land that gives us nothing more than grey skies and rainy days, a trip to Acupulco
or Bora Bora sounds wonderful. Can't wait to read your new book, so get on with that research.


Dru said...

I love all things research.

Have a great weekend.

Kathleen said...

Can't wait to see where your research takes you. Have a great weekend.

Debbie Wallace said...

Okay, at the risk of being an odd ball, I hate research! I have a dictionary, The Book of Answers and a romance phrase book. I know, I'm terrible!