Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter in the Northeast

I never post the same thing here as I do on From the Heart but today is an exception. I fear that if I don't post quickly I won't be able to post at all, so please forgive me for the double post.

We are in the middle of a monster storm. Yesterday we had ice and sleet fall all day and through the night. The roads in the county are all closed to anything but emergency vehicles but of course there's always an idiot who decides he "has" to go to work. I just saw one slide sideways past the house. It's ugly out there but also beautiful. Everything is coated in ice and sparkles. If it wasn't so treacherous underfoot I'd go out and shoot some photos but I'm staying inside, and on my feet.

I'd best go and get some work done before the power fails. We are supposed to get a foot of snow on top of the ice and that's going to make everything very interesting.

Hope you are warm and dry, and that you have a wonderful weekend!

Me? I'm going to dig out candles and flashlights, and make a hot cup of tea before it's too late. :)


margaret blake said...

Thanks for the warning, Sarita we always get the tail end of your weather on this side of the Atlantic.

Keep snug and warm.

Debbie Wallace said...

Gosh I hope you're not affected but it would be a miracle if you aren't. Saw the news this morning and something like 6 states are without power!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you:)