Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well, did y'all have a good Christmas? Santa bring you everything you wanted? Eat so much you have to let your pants out? I can't complain. I didn't over eat this year though, because I didn't cook at my house. Guess what, it makes a difference! LOL I did miss the left overs. Turkey salad sandwiches and turkey noodle soup. I did manage to bring home some pecan pie. Oh and, for the first time in my life I tried sweet potato pie. Wow, it's so much better than pumpkin.

I received this picture of my granddaughter in my Christmas stocking. The girls and I did our thing on the 23rd. We had a great time and just like I said before, they laughed and joked over the first aid kits. I spent a couple nights and of course Alivia had to sleep with grandma. She's a little bed hog but I got even by snoring.

A couple cute stories to share.

My dad smokes and I taught Alivia to do the shame shame thing with her fingers whenever she saw him smoking. The other day my daughter took her shopping and she saw a woman smoking and said shame shame to her. Michelle said she was so embarrassed but the woman just smiled.

Then, the other day we went out to Longhorn's for lunch. Before we left the restaurant I decided to go to the ladies room. We've been training Alivia to go potty on the toilet. Michelle said after I left that Alivia announced, quite loudly, that grandma's going potty on the big potty. So when I came out of the bathroom I got an applause:)

Thought you might enjoy a recent picture of my three little kitties, too. Woofy is the gray tabby, Gin Gin is the calico and Jezebel is the black one. They luv each other:)


margaret blake said...

Lovely story, Debbie and gorgeous pics. So lovely to see the cats getting on as they are doing.


Kathleen said...