Saturday, October 20, 2007

"I'm still waiting for an autographed copy"

I want to add to what Margaret said when she blogged this past Thursday. I work for a large company, have many friends and family. And with the exception of a few, most of them are waiting for an autographed copy of my books. But do they go out and purchase my books for me to autograph? Rarely. They want me to give them one. If I had a friend who was published I'd be the first one to buy their book, even if it wasn't something I particularly cared to read.

I get tired of hearing, "I'm still waiting for an autographed copy." Another good one is, "oh, it's an ebook"...what, is it poison? LOL Then I have one dear friend who did purchase a couple of my books but then said when number three came out, "Your books are a little too spicy for me." I guess that was her way of letting me know she wouldn't be buying any more.

It's a good thing I write for the love of writing. I write for me and I do love sharing my stories to anyone who wants to read one. So, are we rich? Not all of us. But we do enjoy what we do and we do it for all the right reasons.


margaret blake said...

Oh, yes this rings so many bells. I have trained most people now to order their own copies of my books. I might give one or two away, but no more than that anymore. I guess I learned the hard way about that.

I do give a couple of books to my local library, we have two libraries in my town, so they get one each, I then let people know they are there. If they can't afford, or don't want to buy they can borrow.

One terrible insult, is to give a book away to a "friend" and they never mention it again!


Debbie Wallace said...

I gave Cupid's Arrow to my hair dresser for Christmas last year and didn't hear a word about it until months later. She couldn't say enough good things about it, which made me feel good. But the one thing that surprised me most was how she couldn't believe I had talent. LOL

C. Gwynn said...

I have a friend that has five books published. I never expected her to give me one just because we were friends! I bought all five and had her sign them for me.

I don't understand why people think because they know an author their book should be a freebie.

Maybe its time for tough book love. I know my book is on the shelf at Border's, I will glady sign it when you bring to me. ;)

I love your books Debbie!