Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another reason I’m a Lark is because my husband and I adopted a dog this year. We went to the shelter looking for a sedate poodle, but a frisky Jack Russell Terrier charmed his way into our hearts and our car. We named him Spencer Tracy and isn’t the resemblance amazing?

Adopting an older dog requires lots of patience, consistency and love but is immensely rewarding. Everyday we get lots of hugs and wet doggy kisses.

In Spencer Tracy’s honor there will be a weekend contest. Anyone who offers a comment to any of the weekend posts is eligible to win a prize. Winner will be announced Sunday night.


margaret blake said...

Hey Kathy, Well that is another Spencer that I am in love with.


AmyC said...

That's great that you adopted him! He's very cute. The breeder we bought our Beagle from breeds Jack Russell's too!

Jean said...

Hello ladies,
Kathleen invited me to your blog last week, so I'm an "early reader". So far, so good, with the prospect of reading insights from NY, Fl, and the UK on life, writing, and your common genre of mystery and romance. So I say, "You go girls?"

Sarita Leone said...

Oh Kathy, he is a sweetie! I love it that you've adopted an older dog. Everyone takes puppies, but the oldsters need love too. Good for you! And great for Spencer, to have such a wonderful home. :)

Debbie Wallace said...

What a sweet little dog.