Thursday, October 4, 2007

Early Morning Lark

I'm the earliest lark of all - I am up and about and at my computer while my fellow larks are cuddled up in their nests. The reason is simple I am on UK time which is five hours in front of those on USA eastern time. It makes for some confusion sometimes.

I find the worst thing about the time difference is coming back from the USA. That is really difficult. It takes me days to get over the jet lag - anyone have any tips how to do this?

Romance paints life in pink and pink is my favourite colour. I enjoy romance because I can lose myself in a world where there are no money worries, love always triumphs and the men are gorgeous hunks. Ah, if only real life were like that. I never write a sequel to my romances, I think that is because if I did, then the reality would have to hit - and who wants reality. Box of chocolates, nice cup of coffee, snuggle down in a favourite arm chair and be transported. I transport myself so I hope I do the same for my readers.

Romance is my favourite genre because it is so pleasurable. What's not to be pleasurable about finding Mr Right and falling in love? Of couse you have to have conflict on the way; he doesn't understand her and vice-versa. Someone wants to make trouble for them - but it is love that triumphs in the end. This is what makes the world go around afer all. Besides that I get to visit exciting places, some that I have never been to. The funniest thing is writing about a place, then going later and finding it is not as romantic as you envisaged. That happened to me once, so I wont be going there again! But generally you can find the romance in a place if you look hard enough. Now take Paris, big, bustling beautiful city. There are loads of people there, but as you walk around, check out to see how many are holding hands, or staring into one another's eyes. You will be surprised! But then, Paris is the city of lovers, or so the Parisians like to say.

Well this is my first blog - hey I am a virgin blogger, hope you enjoyed it.

If you have nothing better to do check me out at I am in their author spotlight, and my interview with the ovely Holly Hewson at You will find it excerpts from my latest novel Beloved Deceiver...

Happy Reading, Margaret Blake.


Sarita Leone said...

Good morning, Margaret. So good to see you here. I nudged myself out of my nest early this morning, and now that I have I'm glad because your post is lovely. Now I understand more about the motivation behind all your wonderfully romantic tales!

I've got to they really hold hands in Paris, the way I imagine they do? :)

And congrats on not being a blogger virgin anymore! Your first flight was perfect! ;-)

Kathleen said...

So happy you are here! You are a terrific blogger and enjoyed your interview at Romance Studio.

margaret blake said...

Sarita posed the question - do they really hold hands in Paris? Well yes they do! Having not been to Paris for a good few years, when I visited this July with my son and his family, I did not expect that they would be as romantic as they were in the l980's, but sure enough - must be something in the air.

Debbie Wallace said...

Margaret, I don't write sequels to my stories, either. I envy those who can, though. But to me, once it's ended it's ended:) I told their story, time to move on to the next lucky hero and heroine!