Sunday, October 28, 2007

GHOST STORY...or not

Since Halloween is here I thought I'd share a story about the strange happenings in the last house my hubby and I lived in. Now, I'm a firm believer that there are UFOs, people with ESP, and the souls of the dead who haven't gone into the light because they might have unfinished business here on earth. I don't obsess about it, I just have an open mind that these things could be real.

Almost immediately upon moving into the house I began to experience weird things. Nothing alarming. However, added together I guess they would unnerve the bravest soul. The picture of my hubby and me turned over in the bedroom, the light over the bed going on by itself in the middle of the night, the bathroom door in our bedroom opening by itself. And there were the shadows, always out of the corner of my eyes or moving past my bedroom doorway.

I didn't mention these strange occurrences because they didn't bother me and I just brushed them off. But what I didn't know was that my hubby was also noticing things out of the ordinary. Only he didn't say anything because he isn't the kind of man who believes in that kind of stuff. He just thought he was imagining things. Then one day out of the blue he started telling me about the voices, unexplained noises in the middle of the night and the feeling that someone was behind him. I just stared at him, and then told him my experiences. We both knew at that point that it wasn't our imagination. Something was going on.

Never once did I get scared, unless I was in the house alone at night. When hubby went on trips my daughter would come and stay with me. After a while she wouldn't come because it freaked her out. Then I was left alone with Henry...the, ah, ghost. I had to give him a name and I was certain it was a man because I saw him one night.

The strangest thing that happened to me was one night while I was sleeping. I felt the bed go down. You know, like when someone gets into bed beside you, the bed dips and you roll toward them? I actually reached over thinking, hubby must be coming to bed, but there was nothing there! Get a chill yet? I certainly did.

Not long after that I woke in the middle of the night, for some strange reason, and saw the outline of a man leaning over me. I remember thinking it was my hubby but I could see right through him. But there was definitely the white outline of a man. Not very tall, kind of stocky. I blinked and he was gone. I never saw him again.

We learned to live with the strange occurrences and when we decided to sell, we didn't say a word.


Sarita Leone said...

I love this post! Delightfully spooky and perfect for this Halloween week.

Thanks for sharing your ghost with us, Debbie! :)

Kathleen said...

How scary to have a ghost approach you when you are in bed. Great Halloween story!

Debbie Wallace said...

Thanks ladies:) I really wasn't frightened.

By the way Sarita, I wrote this on Sunday night and saved it, then got up early this morning to publish it. I had things to do all day and didn't want to miss my Mon post. However, it showed the Sunday date. Once in a while I might have to do that because Mondays are doctor days for my hubby and I go with him sometimes:)

Sarita Leone said...

Debbie, Wishing your hubby good health. Very thankful for your post, regardless of the posted time. :)