Monday, October 22, 2007

Hubby's Little Quirks

I smile as I write this blog today. I love my hubby dearly but he has quirks that drive me insane. Like for instance, when I want to hang a picture. I learned a long time ago to wait until he's not home and then hang it myself. I have a good eye and all I need is a nail and a hammer.

The last time we hung a picture together you would have thought we were going to do brain surgery or something! He laid out a rag and on top of that a level, tape measure, kit of different size nails, hammer, and pliers. Have no idea what those were for. He measured the wall all different kinds of ways to make sure the picture was exactly in the middle. What would have taken me two minutes turned into a 20 minute job.

Then there's when I come home from working a ten hour shift to find he's taken the dishes that were left to dry in the dish drain the night before, and laid them out on the counter beneath the cupboard doors. I asked him once, why don't you just put them away? His reply...I don't know where they go. Yet he manages to put them directly beneath the cupboard door where they belong. He doesn't realize I would much rather come home to them in the dish drainer than spread out everywhere. He leaves the clean pots on the stove top:)

The most frustrating thing he does? Leave the cheese package open in the fridge so that by the time I reach for a slice it's as hard as a rock. I think that's a man thing anyway. They can't figure out how to close the package once they rip into it:)

I think about what life would be without him. Boring, lonely and yes, frightening because he's my rock. And besies, I'm sure I have little quirks he has to put up with...but darned if I can think of any now:)


Cassie said...

Oh boy do I indentify. Hubbies! You gotta love them, but there are those times... and of course, murder is illegal and once the anger wears off, I'd feel bad. Pretty sure. Probably. Maybe. lol

Great blog!

Cassie Exline

Debbie Wallace said...

Too funny, Cassie! Yes, I have to agree that murder is illegal. There are other ways of getting even, though:)

margaret blake said...

Yes, I am there right with you - irritating beyond reason. I laughed at the cheese thing - oops, 'tis me does that and I guess irritates the hell out of Mr Perfect. Yeah that's my guy, thinks he does everything just so right. Bless his cotton socks, he generally does too. Irritating though.


Debbie Wallace said...

LOL...YOU Margaret? I can't believe you do that!

Sarita Leone said...

I've been giggling over the cheese thing all week! Too funny!!